İstanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice (İstanbulSMD) was founded on July 2002, with objectives such as contributing to the culture of architecture in Turkey, strengthening the prestige and efficiency of the profession of architecture in society, ensuring that urban planning decisions / urban interventions are carried out with a sense of responsibility towards the community, plus, increasing the quality of the built environment.

The collective organization which was initiated with a shared belief, devotion and enthusiasm amongst architects in private practice – all of whom possess a vision and a sense of responsibility – achieved success as the result of multi-faceted studies carrying our association to its strong state today.

Our association, since its founding, has organized conferences, panels, competitions, exhibitions, awards, research expeditions and publications aiming to promote an architectural practice in the highest of standards and to increase the level of intellectual knowledge in respect to aesthetic values of the architectural community, architectural education and practice. And, thus, our association has always strived to offer any contribution to initiatives with such objectives.


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